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Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) is Korea’s largest power company that produces 26.8% of the country’s electric power. By providing a steady supply of power, KHNP is strongly determined to enrich the lives of people and lay the foundation for economic growth. Currently operating 23 nuclear power plants, 35 hydro power plants and 16 pumped-storage power plants, the company has a combined generation capacity of more than 27,217MW. KHNP will lead efforts in making Korea a nuclear powerhouse by enhancing the reliability of its nuclear power facilities and by acquiring proprietary technology in the nuclear industry.

KHNP is continuously developing technologies in wind power, solar power, fuel cells and other new and renewable energy sectors while expanding its business to offer consulting services. Backed by such capabilities, KHNP is determined to become a total energy company.

What's the importance of the "Innovation for the Future of Nuclear Energy – A Global Forum"?

Responding to human-caused climate change is the most severe environmental challenge facing humanity in the 21st century. In a rapidly changing energy market like today, technological innovation in the nuclear industry is needed more than ever at the international level.

This Global Forum will serve as a meaningful venue where everyone can gather to discuss technological innovations and seek opportunities for cooperation in the nuclear power sector. By sharing the latest technologies across all industrial sectors, new business opportunities for open innovation may be discovered--the mission KHNP is most determined to accomplish. Furthermore, the forum will be a great opportunity for us to create a roadmap that identifies the future role and vision of nuclear energy and help lay the groundwork for the next generation to continuously develop the nuclear industry.

Steering Committee Member

Young-Seung Kim is Vice President and Head of the Technology Policy & Strategy Department at Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company(KHNP). He is responsible for the overall R&D that drives the growth of KHNP, including nuclear policy management, technology development planning and technology data management. He is also in charge of the nuclear power policy making.

Young-Seung Kim has earned his bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Seoul National University. He has been involved in the nuclear and electric power industry for 25 years.

Since joining Korea Electric Power Company(KEPCO), the parent company of KHNP, in 1995, Young-Seung Kim has played a key role in the continued development of KHNP by leading nuclear technology development, UAE construction business, fuel purchasing and safety assessment area. He has great expertise in the areas of nuclear policy and R&D.

Young-Seung Kim was appointed as Vice President in 2019 and before, as a General manager, he had become most determined to advance the nuclear industry by focusing on areas that include the development of APR1400, EU-APR and APR+, the acquisition of the APR1400 NRC design standard approval and R&D policy innovation for competitiveness reinforcement.

Young-Seung Kim
Vice President
Technology Policy & Strategy Department

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.

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